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Radiocommunication Laboratory

The Radiocommunications Laboratory has installed a meteorological station and a high-resolution rain gauge at the UPB's Cochabamba Campus. The instrument permanently records the following variables: temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and amount of rain. This page has been designed in order to make the measures available to both the academic community and the general public. Access to this information is free, and it is simply appreciated to mention the Radiocommunication Laboratory of the Bolivian Private University as the source of the information. The data can be viewed by time periods and can also be downloaded in CSV format, with a temporal resolution of 5 minutes (Pressure, Temperature and Relative Humidity), and 1 minute (Amount of rain)


The applications of the measures are found in a variety of knowledge areas, which can be, among others:

  •      Meteorology
  •      Hydrology
  •      Radiometeorology and radio propagation.
  •      Environmental sciences


Research laboratory: LRC - UPB
Principal investigator: Gustavo A. Siles Soria, Ph.D.
Web Development and Programming: Ing. Marcelo Vilela Pardo
Collaboration and appreciation: Alex Villazón, Ph.D. (CINTI)